Non-Fiction Round Up January

The Dude Diet book cover

Non-Fiction Round Ups are an opportunity for me to share non-fiction I’ve read with mini-reviews.



Cattastic Crafts: DIY Projects for Cats and Cat People
Mariko Ishikawa
Zakka Workshop, 2016

Non-Fiction, Crafts
104 pages (paperback)

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Cattastic Crafts contains over 30 amusing and easy craft projects to make for cats and cat people.

Build your cat the condo of his dreams, complete with scratching posts and canopies. Drive your kitty mad with delight with a handcrafted teaser on a string. Or sew your feline a one-of-a-kind costume for special holidays. These designs require only basic craft skills, so cat lovers of all abilities will be able to make and enjoy these fun projects.

–Description from publisher

This book is cute and does have some interesting crafts of various handiness for pet owners. The book covers crafts to make for your pet to enjoy, and crafts for cat-lovers to enjoy.

CAUTION: The first few craft suggest using plastic bags, aluminum foil, and rubber bands to make toys for your cat. Find alternate materials for these crafts. All of the above are bad for animals and could cause health problems.

Who it’s for: Cat people.


dude-dietThe Dude Diet: Clean(ish) Food for People Who Like to Eat Dirty
Serena Wolf
Harper Wave, 2016

Non-Fiction, Cooking
331 pages

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Dudes. So well intentioned when it comes to healthy eating, even as they fail epically in execution–inhaling a “green salad” topped with chicken fingers and a vat of ranch dressing or ordering an Italian sub on a low-carb wrap (that makes it healthy, right?).

Enter Serena Wolf. After moving in with her boyfriend and becoming privy to his ridiculous eating habits, she great increasingly concerned about the dude’s long-term health (and waistline). As a labor of love, she set to work creating slimmed-down versions of his favorite foods and posting them on her blog. Now, in The Dude Diet, Serena shares more than 125 drool-worthy recipes that prove that meals made with whole foods can elicit the same extreme excitement and satisfaction associated with deep-dish pizza or Chinese take-out. Boldly going where no cookbook has gone before, The Dude Diet empowers the dude in all of us to have our cake and eat it, too. And by cake, we mean buffalo chicken.

–Description from the publisher

It’s a cookbook. Like a fair number of other cookbooks, there’s a section that lists what you should have in a functional kitchen; it goes a bit overboard. It is tilted more toward dudes with recipes for wings, nachos, mac and cheese and the like, but there are also breakfast and spaghetti recipes. There are some interesting recipes and I do plan to try a few.

Who it’s for: Meat and potatoes types who’d like healthier recipes.







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