2017 Challenges

2017 Reading Challenges

2017 Reading ChallengesA new year provides an opportunity for challenges, goals, and those dreaded resolutions. I don’t make resolutions since they tend to not last, but I am planning some reading challenges for this new year.

The first is my annual reading goal. In 2017, I plan to read 75 books. Last year the goal was 50 and I fell pretty short at about half. During the year I had times when it was tough to focus so reading one book took longer than usual. Fortunately, as the year ended, I seemed to get my focus back, so I’m setting myself up to either fail bigger or achieve greater.

I used to aim for more. One year I read 125 books, which was awesome, but I realized I didn’t enjoy reading quite as much when I was pushing through everything at a rapid pace.

Also with this challenge, I aim to read at least one book a month from my bookshelves, physical or digital. Like many book loves I own a fair amount of books I’ve never read.

The second is a challenge from Somewhere Only We Know and Words Fueled by Love. It’s the 2017 Series Enders Challenge, where you take some time during the year to finish off a series or more you’ve been putting off or just haven’t gotten to. Full details are at the link above. This year, my challenge level is Level 1: 1-5 series enders since only about three come to mind.

Finally, I’m tying it all together with the Better World books reading challenge. It’s aim is to suggest books outside of your comfort zone. I’m willing to try most anything, but it’ll help me ensure that I’m reading wide.

Personally, I’m challenging myself to be more active. It’s been a year of lounging and it’s time to move more. I’m still working on the details and what entails success or failure.


So that’s my round-up of challenges for the upcoming year. What are your reading goals or challenges for 2017?





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